Our Enviromental Commitment

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Our Enviromental Commitment

Climate change is the defining issue of our time

Every organisation including Solus Travel must commit to reducing their impact on the environment. This raises challenges when organising transport and all of us must seek the most environmentally friendly solutions when moving people and products.

Climate change is the defining issue of our time and poses many challenges for transport operators who must cut their carbon emissions. However, effective and sustainable public transport offers opportunities to encourage people and organisations away from dependence on cars. We take this obligation seriously and our teams build transport services with environmental considerations front and centre. All of the vehicles we operate meet or exceed current emissions standards and we are proud to be an accredited Carbon Neutral organisation, boasting a net zero footprint through carbon offsetting. Furthermore, we are helping our clients move to greater sustainability by introducing ever increasing numbers of hybrid and electric vehicles into regular service.


One coach can take 70 cars of the road!

 In the UK, if everyone took one bus or coach journey a month, there would be a billion fewer car journeys a year & we would reduce the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions by two million tonnes per year.

Over the coming years, Solus Travel will look at greener travel by offering electric & hybrid transportation.